Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Scrum

This morning I got out the hay for the pigs, and they formed a scrum (kind of - as much of a scrum as guinea pigs can make without having longer limbs and less dumpy bodies...).  See above.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Special SkitterPost

Here is my little Skitterbug!!!!!!

Get ready for....




She ate her carrot treat in that position!!!!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Guest Post: Eponymous Piggle

Hiya!  Here is HedgePiggle, whom this blog is named for!!  Isn't she cute?  She isn't so sure about the built-in camera on this computer.  Can you see the skepticism in her little face?  She had just eaten two big carrot pieces.  I think she was wondering why that thing I held up in front of her smelled like metal and plastic and not like more carrots.  Spoiled pigs!  But that's how we like it hereabouts.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visual Scavenger Hunt: Find One Hedge and One Skitter-Snout

...>>>Did you see the SkitterSnout??!!<<<...

The pigs ATTACKED their yummy hay!  I guess they pretty well cleaned up after their last hay-ing, and so this new hay was much anticipated.  It's so easy to please those little piggies!  The hay was in a kind of narrow passage so I wondered how they'd accomodate and share the hay all at once.  Anyhow, I think Skitter had the best spot, so protected where Troggle can't bully her out.  Also HedgePiggle was in the corner between Skitter and Snuffle, but you can see in the top photo that she's had enough and moved on to the water.

After checking on the progress of dinner I passed by the Piggery again and Troggle and Snuffle had switched places!  They really sneak around, those pigs.  But, pigs is pigs.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pig Toting and Skitterflower

All our visitors are tickled by the piggles.  What can I say?  They're silly, gentle, chubby happy little creatures and all you want to do is feed them treats and watch their little beady faces.  This photo is of my mom holding Troggle.  I was washing dishes and heard my mom talking in her "cute animals" voice (mainly in her native Turkish) and then it was silent for a second.  THEN she walked around the corner into our view and she was holding little Troggle like this!  See the silly little toes and splayed left finger/toes??  Too funny!!  And my mom was so tickled because the other pigs are skittish, but Troggle just doesn't care (she'd be an excellent petting-zoo pig!!!), and Troggle is a satisfyingly plump, chubby fat little tubby complacent blorp.

One thing that makes me laugh are their hind legs.  I'll try to get a good photo of their hind legs to post.  Anyhow the back legs are longer and look kind of like skinny little frog legs, but cute, and they have only 3 toes per back foot!  Sometimes they stretch out and lounge, and stick out a hind leg and you can feel the leathery underside of their little distal leg segment, the tibia/fibula part I suppose - it feels like an elbow!  Cute!!  And often when they skitter into their pigloos they leave a hind leg behind.  When we see this we announce, "LEG!"  It's a very specific statement.

In a separate incident, haha, we have a half-log looking thing with a little hole/window cut into it, and it's called an edibe hideaway or something like that.  I think it's built for thinner/younger pigs, and the window is small.  Anyhow, Skitter was hanging out when Troggle pinned her in by being one one side, and the other side of the tunnel was against a wall.  We were offering treats at the time, and Skitter was SOOOOoooo desperate to get one she stuffed her fat face through the log window - but she got stuck!!!!  And (I didn't see this, but was in the room at the time) Skitter was so far pushed in that there was a (and I quote) "pancake of fat around her silly face!"  Hahahahaha!!!!!  This later inspired the nickname "Skitterflower" because her neck-fat pancake looked like a ring of petals around her piggie face.


Friday, December 12, 2008


Happy very late Halloween from the pigs! This photo was taken a bit before Halloween, even though it's being posted just in time for Christmas.....


Here is a drawing my friend made of Skitterbug!! It is perfect because Skitter LoooOOOOves to eat!